Liberty Rebreather Diver

There is nothing quite like experiencing the silence of bubble free diving on a Rebreather. Your interaction with aquatic life makes open circuit divers envious. There is the added benefit of extended bottom times thanks to the rebreather always supplying you with the optimized gas for that depth.

The Liberty CCR offers a host of options and features making it suitable for almost any technical diver. The oxygen supply in a rebreather is not affected by depth, thereby increasing duration while decreasing the amount of gas that needs to be carried, making rebreathers the ideal choice for doing extended range dives.

The Liberty Closed Circuit Rebreather is the world's first fault tolerant rebreather, essentially meaning that it will not shut down if it experiences any unlikely failures. Ideal for expedition diving when you are a long way from home but need to get back to the surface and you need any way possible of getting there.

PJ Diving Liberty backmount rebreather

The Liberty is shipped ready to dive with multiple redundancies, including:

It's possible to order the Liberty CCR in either a Back Mounted Counter Lungs or Front Mounted Counter Lungs configuration. Be sure to spend time with your instructor configuring the ideal setup for you.

During the program, divers are introduced to the benefits of the Liberty CCR system utilising specific online Confined and Open Water manuals outlining specific safety skills needed to operate the Liberty CCR enjoyably and safely. RAID rebreather training is unique since it utilises an online training platform to deliver all required academic knowledge. RAID has developed an advanced dynamic quality assurance system which outlines all skills that need to be completed in order to safely dive all configurations of the Liberty CCR Rebreather. When these features are combined with instructor demonstrations, evaluations and feedback, RAID divers will be more than prepared for flying the Liberty CCR autonomously.

Prior to participating in any training dives, divers must not only complete the RAID Liberty CCR program quizzes and exams, but also the Core Rebreather Knowledge Module quizzes and exams. This module is vital for knowledge development as it discusses the essential information regarding rebreather design and use. The Core Rebreather Knowledge Module will auto download upon purchase of the RAID Liberty CCR program.


Divers already certified as rebreather divers may participate in the Liberty CCR (Cross Over) Diver course only as they are already proficient in rebreather diving and only need specific knowledge, skills and time on the Liberty CCR.

Once certified, divers will be capable of diving to 40 metres/130 feet using air diluent. This program is not a decompression course however the CCR Deco 40 program may be bolted on if the participant meets the prerequisites

For prerequisites for participation on this course please register on the RAID website and download the RAID General Diving Standards. For full details please contact your local RAID DIVE CENTRE.

Please note: Prerequisites and training requirements are subject to change without notice.