AP Inspiration



Presently Training is provided through our Recreational path.

This programme covers the requirements to dive the following units fitted with the Vision electronics:

Inspiration XPD is based on the original spec - the larger unit with a longer duration scrubber and 3 litre cylinders - ideal for deeper, longer duration diving or a series of shorter repeat dives.

Inspiration EVP is a hybrid unit offering advantages from both stable-mates. It features the longer duration scrubber of the XPD and the smaller cylinders (and therefore unit size) of the EVO

Inspiration EVO is compact, light and easy to dive with. It features a 2kg scrubber and 2 litre cylinders

One programme to cover all three units!


Minimum age is 18 years at the start of training.
Minimum 8 hours of underwater training with XPD / EVP / EVO Speciality Instructor.
A certified diver may start from Level 2 or they could cross over from the Classic Inspiration at any level.
A certified diver on the XPD / EVP / EVO is also certified to dive the Classic Inspiration.
Please note divers certified through RAID on the Classic Inspiration are not qualified to dive the XPD / EVP / EVO.


These Standards are forming part of, and are in addition to, the RAID General Diving Standards.


By the end of this unit specific training course you need to own and/or have possession of an Inspiration/Evolution with vision electronics manufactured by AP Diving LTD of England.

Eye Test

You are required to pass the manufacturer's vision eye test, as found in the user manual. Your RAID instructor shall check this with you; by requesting you to read out the test whilst wearing a mask that you intend to wear underwater. (Refer to user manual).

Dive Computer

This Specialty requires your dive computer to have the minimum of the Nitrox version of the manufacturer's decompression software.

The above is subject to RAID General Diving Standards and change without notice.