Ecological Diver

Ecological Diver Introduction

RAID now has an Eco awareness manual that we call ECOLOGICAL. This is a fantastic manual and it can be used for divers and non-divers. There are 2 courses loaded into the system, one is for divers and one is for non-divers. An ECOLOGICAL Instructor can teach both courses. The divers course has 2 dives added into an open water manual. The non-divers course just has the academic manual.

The academic manual focuses on:

The goals and challenges of marine conservation

A holistic understanding of the ocean environment

Anthropogenic, or human-caused threats to the ecosystem

Current conservation strategies including proactive methods of repairing damage and the value of premeditated efforts influenced by monitoring and evaluation

How scientific efforts influence policy

Systemic behavioural changes that can accelerate conversation efforts

In the Open Water manual there are the following:

· Buoyancy and trim exercises

· Buoyancy control on the bottom

· Finning frog kick and modified flutter

· Observation exercises