Limited Trimix Rebreather Inst


This course is designed to safely train Instructors to teach and certify RAID Rebreather Divers, Rebreather Decompression Divers and Limited Trimix Divers on specific rebreather units.



      Minimum 21 years old.

      RAID Deco 50 OC Instructor or equivalent.

      Certified and in status as a RAID Rebreather Instructor.


      Complete the units specific Rebreather Instructor Development  Program with a factory approved Instructor Trainer

      Certified RAID Limited Trimix Diver for a minimum of 12 months.

      Must provide proof of 200 hours logged underwater.

      Must provide proof of a minimum of 100 logged hours underwater on the specific Rebreather.

      Must own the CCR been trained on.

      Certified as RAID First Aid and Oxygen Provider Instructor or equivalent.

      Submit a dive medical passed by a certified diving physician.

      Submit proof of liability insurance where applicable.

      If the unit is a RAID approved sidemount CCR then the diver must hold the RAID sidemount instructor or equivalent certification.

      Must be approved by the rebreather factory before enrolment on the instructor program.


CCR Rebreather Instructors from recognized training agencies may complete a cross over program subject to the RAID General Diving Standards.

in addition to the standards for instructor prerequisites above.

     Cross over Instructors need to complete a RAID Rebreather Instructor cross over program and then a RAID Rebreather Instructor cross over program.

     Must be a renewed RAID Rebreather Instructor.

     Be in good standing with no outstanding Quality Assurance queries with any agency.

     Must provide proof of equivalency rebreather instructor status.

     At the discretion of RAID HQ or the RAID Dive Centre and Instructor Trainer:

      Assist a RAID CCR Instructor with a complete RAID CCR Course, after which the RAID CCR IT and Dive Centre may sign off the in-water skills and certification


      Complete a practical cross over with a RAID CCR Instructor Trainer.

NOTE: The above does not guarantee acceptance by RAID who has the sole decision to accept or ask for further requirements to be met.


Complete, before in water training, the on-line e-learning academic presentations, quizzes and exam
Review Personal Diving skills
Stamina and Watermanship skills
Review Rescue Scenarios
Dive Planning Assignments
Review the Guidelines for Decompression Procedures Speciality
Practical skills as detailed; confined water and open water sessions, totalling a minimum of 4 hours underwater


For this course you will be required to have use of the following:

1 x rebreather with the following requirements but not limited to:

RAID Registered Rebreather
Manual Oxygen addition valve - optional
Manual Diluent addition valve - optional
PpO2 Display
ADV with on/off switch -optional
Manufacturer's depth specifications/limitations are below the depth limit of this course

2 x single side sling cylinders
2 x first stage
2 x second stage with Octo hose
2 x SPG with short HP hose
2 x BCD/inflator LP hose
1 x Drysuit inflator hose if applicable interchangeable with BCD connection
1 x mixed gas rebreather dive computer
1 x dive timer or enriched air computer
1 x slate
2 x SMBs and reels
1 x knife
2 x dive masks
1 x torch/light/underwater lamp
1 x BCD/harness and wing with adequate lift capacity
1 x exposure suit as required - A Dry suit shall have interchangeable inflator system with BCD LP hose


Successful candidates may certify RAID Rebreather Divers, Rebreather Decompression Divers and Limited Trimix Divers on specific rebreather units.