Core Rebreather Knowledge

The Core Rebreather Knowledge Module

Rebreather diving is becoming ever more popular and the need for a rebreather manual that delves deep into the workings of these units has never been more important.

At RAID we love rebreathers, we teach them, we dive them and we explore on them. We are fascinated with their design and how to get the best out of these incredible machines.

We are also committed to increasing the use of rebreathers and at the same time increasing their safety. We believe that training is at the heart of all safe rebreather diving and we are committed to bringing to our divers the latest, most current rebreather information.

The Core Rebreather Knowledge module is designed to present rebreather divers, both technical and recreational with an advanced level of information.

The manuals are generic and not specific to one unit or even to one style of rebreather. The manuals are rich in information on rebreather design, use, components and so much more.

There are 5 manuals within the module, they are:

When participating in a technical entry level program with RAID, the Core Rebreather Knowledge manuals will automatically download with the rebreather program that has been selected. Divers completing an entry level program will be required to complete the quizzes and exam associated with the Core manuals before participating in any in water training.

RAID's intelligent online system will issue a participation completion e-card once the program has been completed. The RAID Instructor teaching the program is required to confirm this program has been completed.

These manuals can also be purchased as a stand-alone. They are perfect for anyone wanting more rebreather knowledge, someone interested in rebreathers, a diver participating in entry level rebreather training or someone participating in advanced level rebreather diving like trimix or cave or wreck.