Master Instructor

This rating is in recognition of high standing in the dive industry. It is for dive professionals who have a high level of experience, a high level of training, and a high level of completed certifications.

It is awarded in recognition of high achievers who exemplify the essence of the RAID system.
Instructor who achieve this rating are held in high esteem and their input to RAID is highly valued.


Are there training sections to this rating?

Since this rating is for recognition there is no training for this level. There are however some questions on the RAID system that will be visible once the rating has been purchased. These questions are a prompt to determine that all prerequisites have been met. Once complete there are final exam questions finalising the process.

The RAID Examiner who approves the rating will sign off that the person is of high standing in the dive industry and has the relevant level of skill and experience. This is in the Confined Water section to facilitate the final sign off. Once this is accepted by Examiner and candidate the certification can be processed through the RAID Regional Office (RRO).

What are the prerequisites?

Be a minimum of 21 years old.
Be a RAID Instructor for at least 12 months or completed a crossover.
To have 300 logged hours underwater.
To have certified a minimum of 150 students of which at least 100 are Open Water 20, Explorer 30 or Advanced 35, 40 specialties and/or Master Rescue and at least 10 Divemasters. Equivalency from other agencies may be approved by the RAID Examiner.
Gain approval for recognition from a RAID Examiner.

Forward a cover letter requesting consideration for the rating and resume documenting the above requirements and stating what positive contribution has been made to the diving industry to the RRO as initial application for this recognition.
Ensure you have no standards violations pending or verified from RAID or any other dive training agency.

Master Instructor Crossover

A renewed Master Instructor equivalent from a recognised training agency, may apply in writing to RRO for accreditation as a RAID Master Instructor. In order to do so they must meet all RAID prerequisites for Master Instructor.

How to apply for RAID Master Instructor?

Current RAID Instructors:
The Process:
Determine that you have met prerequisites in RAID General Diving Standards
Apply in writing to your RAID Regional Office for approval of recognition.
Purchase the rating online once approval has been granted. Complete the process outlined online in the manual, quizzes and exam.
Contact Examiner for sign offs online.
RAID Examiner will inform the RRO when complete to certify online.

Crossover Instructors:
Instructors who have a Master Instructor rating from another agency may apply to the RRO to have their rating assessed for suitability.
The process is the same as above with the addition of supplying verification of the Master Instructor rating from the previous agency for the RAID files.

Documents to review:
RAID Master Instructor Information Manual
RAID General Diving Standards

Training Instructor
Only a RAID Examiner may certify a RAID Master Instructor.