Cave 2 Diver


After graduating from the RAID Cave 1 program, you have already experienced the wonder of cave diving and you are now familiar with the advanced system of learning that RAID offers.

If you're coming into this program from another training agency, get ready to be challenged and experience the "RAID difference."

This program has been developed by professional cave instructors who are also avid cave divers who love diving in cave. And while this program pays homage and gives respect to traditional cave training techniques and limits, it adds additional skills that RAID's development team believes are required to execute "Full cave dives" safely, comfortably, and enjoyably.

The Cave 2 program is primarily a complex navigation course and expands on knowledge and skills already mastered in the Cave 1 program. Skills you will master include jumps, gaps, tees, traverses and circuits. You will build on the entanglement and line repair skills, and the teammate rescue skills you learned in you RAID Cave1 program.

The manuals are extremely modern, rich in graphics and much like all RAID manuals, they will auto update for life.

Penetration is not limited and divers may complete limited decompression and use one stage cylinder. While some believe the use of a stage bottle equals further penetration, at RAID we feel a stage also gives divers time to learn more about the cave environment and its character, and adds an element of safety when penetrating further.

Your RAID Cave 2 program is intended to build a greater understanding and appreciation of the fragile cave environment. By enrolling in this RAID Cave2 program, you are making a commitment to become a cave ambassador. And for that, we thank you.

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