Deco 50m/165ft


Getting the ‘thumbs up' sign is probably the worst signal any diver can receive since it signifies that the dive has ended. Extending time, and sometimes depth, in water is probably every divers desire. The thrill of pushing the envelope and becoming an explorer is what drives many to become divers, and the Deco 50 course forms the basis and essential skills and knowledge needed to become an explorer.

Deco 50 has been written with the new technical diver in mind. This means that divers wanting to participate in technical open circuit programs and who are certified in Deep 40, Master Rescue and Nitrox may bypass the Deco 40 program.

The course has modern, graphic rich manuals which explore and introduce the most modern information and techniques. A modern skill set places emphasis on managing skill mastery while neutrally buoyant. The skills themselves have been up as well with desire being that RAID divers will use a similar equipment configuration and perform the skills in a similar fashion.

The manuals also cater to the sidemount diver wanting to become Deco 50 diver.

The program overview is as follows:

There are 6 manuals and quizzes.

Divers MUST participate in at least one confined water skill session and 8 open water dives.
Dives from Deco 40 may credit towards Deco 50 certification.


To view a demonstration of some of the skills you will master during the Deco 50 program take a look at the buoyancy control and skill demonstrations presented by RAID International Training Director, Paul Toomer. Participation and success in he Deco 50 will enable you to achieve similar level of control.

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