JJ-CCR Rebreather Diver


Rebreathers are the future of diving. They allow for extended dive times (increased depths) and an interaction with the aquatic environment that cannot be witnessed while on open circuit systems. Unlike open circuit, rebreathers recycle exhaled gas allowing for optimised use of the gas that is carried by the diver. Because of this, a minimal amount of bubbles is exhaled, thereby allowing hugely increased bottom times.

Rebreathers are the tool of choice for most modern technical divers since the oxygen supply is not affected by depth, thereby increasing duration while decreasing the amount of gas that needs to be carried. This training program has been developed for the use of the JJ-CCR Closed Circuit Rebreather for entry level technical diving only, it is not a recreational rebreather program. The JJ-CCR is a technical rebreather and the skills and knowledge contained within this program are designed with your safety in mind.

The JJ-CCR is a fully closed circuit Rebreather, ideal for exploring open ocean, cave, or wrecks. This unit can be electronically or manually controlled which means you choose how you want the loop PO2 maintained.

The JJ-CCR is billed as the 4x4 of rebreather and the RAID TECH REBREATHER program is just as robust.

It is ready to fly right out of the box, user friendly, robust, versatile and adaptable in numerous configurations depending on the divers' needs. It has industry low work of breathing, state of the art electronics with redundant power supply, a user-friendly design and heavy duty construction. A slim, robust and simple construction allows the diver to easily place bailout, light canister or gas for buoyancy needs directly on the scrubber housing.

The JJ-CCR program contains 3 manuals which, when combined with the 5 Generic Rebreather Diver manuals, delivers all the academic information you will need to safely dive your rebreather.

During the program, divers are introduced to the benefits of the JJ-CCR system utilising specific online Confined and Open Water manuals outlining specific safety skills needed to operate the JJ-CCR enjoyably and safely. RAID rebreather training is unique since it utilises an online training platform to deliver all required academic knowledge. RAID has developed an advanced dynamic quality assurance system which outlines all skills that need to be completed in order to safely dive the JJ-CCR Rebreather. When these features are combined with instructor demonstrations, evaluations and feedback, RAID divers will be more than prepared for flying the JJ-CCR autonomously.

In addition to the specific manuals, divers participating in the RAID Tech Rebreather JJ-CCR program will need to participate in the Core Rebreather Knowledge Module. This module is vital for knowledge development as it discussed the essential information regarding rebreather design and use. The Core Rebreather Knowledge Module will auto download upon purchase of the RAID Tech Rebreather JJ-CCR program.


Minimum age of 18 years.

Certified as Master Rescue Diver or equivalent

RAID Deco 40 or equivalent, with 50 logged dives.

Divers already certified as rebreather divers may participate in the JJ-CCR (Cross Over) Diver Specialty only as they are already proficient in rebreather diving and only need specific knowledge, skills and time on the JJ-CCR.


When combining this course with a unit specific rebreather course the following standards need to be observed.


If you have previously completed the RAID 40m Decompression Diver course and wish to upgrade to the 45m Limited Trimix level you need to attend and complete with competence:

For prerequisites for participation on this course please register on the RAID website and download the RAID General Diving Standards. For full details please contact your local RAID DIVE CENTRE.

Please note: Prerequisites and training requirements are subject to change without notice.