Cadet Try Dive


There is nothing stronger than a kid's curiosity and love of water, and the very idea of breathing underwater allows their imaginations, and thirst for adventure to ignite. The thrill of floating effortlessly midwater in this three-dimensional environment for the first time is something they will never forget

RAID's Cadet Try Dive program lets them enjoy an underwater adventure on scuba in the confines of a swimming pool under the watchful eye and protection of a qualified RAID instructor.

This program is open to anyone who can swim and is 8 to 10 years old. All you need is an adventurous spirit, a swimming costume and a towel.

Here, they will meet other people who share the same interests for unending, exciting adventures. And of course, their parents can join them while participating the adult version of the Try Dive.
Parents will love this program as it is a structured learning experience which not only thrills the kids, but also educates them on the basics of being underwater.

Some RAID dive centers offer RAID Cadet Try Dive birthday parties, what an amazing way to celebrate turning 8.

The course begins with a registration process and then there are either an instructor presented, or online, academic presentation and quick quiz. Then the SCUBA equipment and its use are explained, and then it's time to hit the water, learn s few skills and then have some fun.

This is NOT a certification program. However, once they are 10 years old, they can start their Cadet Scuba Diver or Cadet Open Water certification program.

To start your adventure, either contact your local RAID Dive Center or visit the store to purchase your course materials*, and start your learning now.

*Does not include the price for the physical training.