DiveRite O2ptima


Training through our Technical path


The O2ptima is a fully closed mixed gas closed circuit rebreather. Unlike other products both past and present, this design represents the collaboration of several manufacturers within the diving and safety industries. Each company was able to bring their strengths to this product, increasing safety and reliability. While many designs have needed to evolve over the years, the O2ptima at its release, represented some of the best technology available.

Dive Rite has a long history of serving the diving community with innovative and quality products. Unlike many other companies which concentrate on a specific market, Dive Rite has excelled in delivering products to the recreational diver while still being able to supply cutting-edge equipment for even the most demanding diver.


Minimum age is 18 years at the start of training.
The O2ptima with manual inflation Speciality is minimum 8 hours of underwater training with an O2ptima Speciality Instructor subject to terms and conditions.
A certified diver may start from Level 2 with the O2ptima Speciality or cross over from any other rebreather at any level.
These Standards are forming part of, and are in addition to, the RAID General Diving Standards.


RAID certified O2ptima Specialty Diver or equivalent from a recognized training agency.
To be a certified RAID Sport Rebreather Instructor.
Subject to the RAID Specialty Instructor requirements part of the RAID General Diving Standards.
To have a minimum of 100 hours logged underwater using closed circuit rebreather/s of which 50 logged hours must be using an O2ptima rebreather.
To be 18 years or older and subject to local laws and regulations

The above is subject to RAID General Diving Standards and change without notice.