Normoxic Trimix Rebreather Inst

This program qualifies a Rebreather Instructor to teach divers to dive to 60m /200ft and complete dives with mandatory unlimited decompression stop requirements including the use of a Normoxic Helium gas.

This course is unit specific and may only be applied to a RAID registered rebreather which meets the requirements and any diver who meets the prerequisites.


Stage cylinder Open Circuit Trimix gas and 18% to a maximum of 100% oxygen content.
Diluent: Normoxic Helium gas.


To be a minimum of 18 years old.
To be certified diver for at least 20 months.
Certified RAID Rebreather Deco 60m / 200ft diver or equivalent certification/s.
Certified RAID Limited Trimix Rebreather Instructor .
Cross over Instructors: Normoxic Trimix equivalent Rebreather Instructor certification.
Certified RAID Rebreather Unit Speciality Instructor.
Provide proof of training/certifying at least 5 Decompression Rebreather Divers / Limited Trmix Rebreather Divers or equivalent.
Submit a current Rescue Breathing/CPR/BLS Training and Oxygen Provider Instructor certificate/s (DAN/equivalent).

RAID Oxygen Service & Blender Instructor.

150 logged hours underwater using a rebreather of which 75 logged hours must be on the specific rebreather used during this course.
10 logged hours are between 40m / 89ft and 60m / 200ft during decompression dives.
These hours must be logged in your personal RAID Logbook and/or down loaded from the rebreather unit log.
Submit a dive medical passed within 12 months by a certified dive doctor.


Complete, before in water training, the on-line e-learning academic presentations, quizzes and exam
Review Personal Diving skills
Stamina and Watermanship skills
Review Rescue Scenarios
Dive Planning Assignments
Review the Guidelines for Normoxic Trimix. 
Practical skills as detailed; confined water and open water sessions, totaling a minimum of 4 hours underwater


For this course you will be required to own the rebreather you are teaching and have approval from the relevant rebreather manufacturer.